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  • Jacob Lemoine this season: 6.1 IP, 2H, 2BB, 9 SO, 0R, 0 ER

    Jake Lemoine is a name some folks have asked me about. I saw him the first outing at Greensboro. At first, he had a little struggle finding a feel, but then had a strong second inning. Coming off the shoulder troubles, whatís sort of things are ahead for him?

    Jaimes: He dealt with a lot of bumps the last few years. He last pitched two years ago. Iím actually pretty impressed, especially with his last outing in Columbia where he pounded the zone. Heís a guy that has a feel for the baseball. He controls his fastball and has pretty good control with his secondary pitches. So, I think heís going to be a big part of the team. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and let the talent play. A great guy.

    Is he going to be getting bite-size outings?

    Jaimes: For right now, weíre going to try to keep it to three innings, just because of what happened the last two years with him. Heís going to be a guy thatís going to pitch every two or three days.

    Let me ask you about Kyle Cody. Like everybody else, had a rough first outing, then pitched in and out of trouble the last start.

    Jaimes: The two outings have been almost the same, Kind of erratic the first two or three innings, but then once he gets it going he gets a lot better. Last night, we saw that. The fourth and fifth innings, he did a really good job of mixing his pitches. His fastball command was a lot better. That was his main issue the first three innings: a lot of deep counts, a lot of 2-1 counts and guys were able to put the barrel to the baseball. A 6-7 guy thatís a really good talent and Iím pretty excited for him. Heís one of our main guys this year, so hopefully heíll stay healthy. I think once he gets it going, heís going to keep getting better.

    Somebody Iím looking forward to seeing, based simply on the stats from the Dominican Ė this is his first stateside assignment Ė is Edgar Arredondo. He had a 56 Ks and 4 walks last year. Like everyone else the first week, he had that wrinkle, but Iím looking forward to seeing what he has to offer based on the stats sheet.

    Jaimes: Heís a strike thrower. Heís a guy thatís going to feel through it some. Heís going to attack here. It was the first time he was pitching in front of fans and lights. So, I was kind of expecting that, but I after that I saw his first inning, I was really excited. He pounded the first inning 1-2-3. I think he got a little upset when he gave up the first hit on an 0-2 count and then he lost his concentration and couldnít get it back. Again, heís a guy thatís going to throw strikes. That was not the Arredondo that I know. I donít even worry about him. He had a really good bullpen session yesterday. Heís a guy that commands his pitches: fastball and a really good changeup and a really good curve.

    Best fastball on the staff right now.

    Jaimes: Kyle Cody.

    Best secondary stuff right now:

    Jaimes: Sal Mendez.

    Best Breaking ball:

    Jaimes: Emerson Martinez and Tyler Davis.
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    • Ti'Quan Forbes is leading the Rangers minor league system in 20 hits (tie
      Ronald Guzman), HR 5, TB 36, SLG 0.692 and OPS 1.131

      0.385/ 0.439 /0.692 /1.131