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New PA System at The Ballpark--Ouch!

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  • New PA System at The Ballpark--Ouch!

    Was at Opening Day yesterday and curious about others' experience with the new PA system. We were in the bleachers (Section 54) and it was unintelligible. Very boomy and muddy. The video of players talking looked great on the new video board, but we had no idea what they were saying. I will say the system sounded much better while walking on the concourse.

    What were your impressions from where you sat?

    Also, if any Rangers' officials read these forums, might need to make some tweaks to the audio. Otherwise, new Ballpark additions are great. Oh, yea, and so is the team that plays there!

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    I could hear almost everything pretty well behind home plate. I thought that the intro video played was entirely way too long. Also, that Texas Rangers country song is absolutely terrible.


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      Sounded great from up in 309.
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        Sounded great in Left Field, I loved everything they've done with the place
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          Yeah I was really impressed with all the new audio/visual additions


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            If anybody had any problems, we certainly apologize...they have upgraded the system, problems for Section 54 are understandable, they are correcting some things there.

            The opening video is actually shorter than the ones we have used for the last 10 years, those were anywhere from 5 to 6 minutes in length, I had them cut it back to 4 minutes.

            Appreciate everyone going to the games. As always, any problems or questions, email me at or call me at 817 273-5006.