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    Long time reader, first time poster here. I just found out I am going to Spring Training this year for the first time. I am extremely excited, but I also have a ton of questions and figured this would be a good place to get some travel advice. I assume a lot of you guys have been out there before. Anyways, thank you very much in advance, I will list a few questions and probably be back with more later.

    - should I stay in Surprise near the Rangers complex, or stay in a fun area of Phoenix and drive out there each day?
    - I am going to be out there for 2 games in Surprise, and one at the White Sox complex. For the games in Surprise, how early should I get out there? I saw the game schedule on the Rangers site, but didnt know if there are other times I should be up there for other games, practices, or interaction w/ the players.
    - For the game at the white sox complex, should I go there, stay in Surprise and watch the Royals, or go see things in and around Phoenix? I'm a little intrigued to see the Royals and some of their young guys, but am obviously going out there for the Rangers so not sure if I should follow the Rangers that day.
    - Any must see attractions or just general tips for a first time Spring Training visitor?

    Thanks again.

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