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Chi Chi is down

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  • Chi Chi is down

    Apparently Chi Chi has a partial tear in his UCL. There going to try injections first and he'll be able to throw in 6 weeks.

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    He needs to clear his head and maybe the organization needs to consider making him a reliever or something.


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      The organization can produce relievers VERY well. It's just inept at producing SPers. Just about...a starting pitcher's only chance in this organization is to get traded. Fortunately for them that happens often.


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        This is unfortunate, noone was counting on it but it would have been a big break if Chi Chi established himself this year as a back of the rotation starter.

        Hopefully he comes back healthy, one of the articles said this condition might explain his drop in performance last year.


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          Yeah, it's a shame we can't develop one ace. If the team could we'd have Darvish, Hamels and our home-grown ace, plus Perez, and only be looking for one pitcher right now. Instead we have to have two and there aren't really fantastic choices. I read Gee blew up trying to go four innings, but I still have hopes for him. Then you have Griffin and Hauschild and others. The season wasn't hinging on Cashner and Gonzalez by any means. Cashner, Ross and Gonzalez could all be well at some point in the season and make major contributions. You never know. All these guys have shown flashes of brilliance in the past. Any of them can put it all together and give us some great games. And have y'all been following Alvarez? He could be our other lefty in the bullpen. So, things are still going well. Apparently, no one wants to see my picture of the Voodoo Room go-go girls at SXSW. They are so cute!


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            What would be interesting is if Hauschild and Balboa significantly contributed to this rotation this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro