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  • General Announcement (Updated 10-05-2015)

    The Rangers are the AL West champions for 2015. That really surprised most of the baseball pundits, the SABR analytical groups, and lots of Rangers fans. No new advisories - let's pull the Rangers through the ALDS, ALCS, and 2015 World Series. Or as far as they can go, with lots of kudos to management, veteran players, young players, and staffers.

    We'll keep most of he old General Announcement "as is", and encourage all NMLR readers, viewers, and watchers to chip in and comment as the Rangers' prepare for the 2015 playoffs.

    We have a great audience and forum. To a few it has become an outlet for feuding. These guidelines, always in place, are now considered rules. Banning good solid Ranger fans is the last thing anyone here wants to do, since the content of the forum is both informative and a good place for discussion and argument.

    Posts must not contain or be titled to include:
    - strong profanity
    - demeaning remarks to another poster
    - any threat to an individual or group
    - pornographic material of any sort
    - commercial solicitation
    - politics, race, religion, or defamation in any baseball post
    - defamation of any sort in the Off Topic section

    Simple enough, if anyone doesn't understand these your question is welcomed. Failure to observe these few rules will result in temporary ban of the offending individual(s), and possible removal of unacceptable posts from the forum. So pitch in, and add to the opinion melange for the Rangers' continuous pursuit of excellence!

    Addressing other posters by name is fine, for questions and answers. Not so much for characterization of other posters or their input. Thanks for participating, and Go Rangers!
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