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    I just got back from SXSW. Lots of pictures and videos. I got to see the top music groups from all over the world. Kaiser may be interested in seeing a picture of me with two go-go dancers from the Voodoo Room. LOL. I've got videos of "the fin" performing at Maggie Mae's and a kid tap dancing old school on sixth street. Just let me know which ones you want to see.

    Oh, and I could not get near enough to the stage to get a good picture of Hyolyn last night. She packed the house with one of the highest covers in town. But, wow! What a performance. She can really sing. She talked to the crowd and sang a capela for awhile, and her voice is as good as her looks. She's not just lip-sync and sexy dance moves. I think she did that just to show she's a real singer with legitimate skills. The rest was her and two dancers performing to tapes with a huge video screen behind them. Someone a little closer than me to the stage just uploaded a cell phone video of one of their songs from last night:

    I talked to the Japanese group CHAI and made their eyes light up when I told them I'm listening to old Supercar songs these days. They love that band, as I figured they would. I asked them if they thought Koji Nakamura is sexy, and they went wild! That got a big laugh out of them. Lots of fun. I could not get my voice translator to work in that room because no one could access the internet well. They spoke middle school English, but I could see from their reaction that, yes, they think Koji is sexy. A lot of fist pumping and craziness when I asked them that.

    Now that music season is ending in Texas it's time for Texas baseball !! Who is going to win the world series this year, the Rangers or Astros? I think it's going to come down to that this year!