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  • So nobody has asked a question ...

    So nobody has asked a question since last July? Okay, can anyone tell me the most pitches a single batter has seen from a pitcher in a single at bat? Obviously there would be a lot of foul balls for the record holder. I have seen like 16 or 17, but that is about it. Surely the record must be double that. Anyone know?

    Caveat: Luke Appling, who played for the Chicago White Sox from about 1930 to 1950, is the frontrunner. His anecdotal pitch counts range from 19 up to 24. One at bat went like follows: 4 fouls, one ball, 6 fouls, one ball, 14, yes fourteen (!) fouls, and then 2 more balls for a walk.

    The Baseball Guru also went with Appling, mentioning that he once fouled off 15 pitches against Bob Feller in 1940. Pat Listach took 17 pitches before getting a walk in a 1992 baseball game.
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    I remember one at bat about a year or so ago where Martin Perez was locked in with some guy and they went 24 pitches. AA though


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      I have no idea if the info is legit here or not.


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        It seems as though Luke Apling may have the unofficial record at 24.


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          speculates that it could be enos slaughter.