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Red Sox vs Ranger's -Chi Chi ML Debut

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  • Red Sox vs Ranger's -Chi Chi ML Debut

    I'm looking forward to tonights game. Chi Chi Gonzales MLB Debut.

    Only thing I don't like is the line up. Choo and Moreland are sitting. Elvis is batting 2nd. Outside of 3-4-5, our lineup is weak tonight. Hopefully they'll click anyway. I'll be interested to see if Hamilton gets another hit. I'm expecting him to, I'm thinking a 2 for 4 or 2 for 5 night. If he had a 4 for 4 night Angel fans may jump off the Bay bridge.

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    DeShields 3 for 3, a 5-0 lead, and Chi Chi doing well. Good time to be a Ranger fan.
    Plus nice to see Josh take another walk. Only thing that makes me a little nervous about Josh is swinging at the first pitch a little too often. But then again the last 2 games he has 3 hits when swinging on first pitch and when he started 2012 blazing hot he did the same. Maybe that's what works best for him.